How To Contact Acer Support Number

Are you facing problem with your Acer products? Then Acer support number can help you in resolving the issues ultimately allowing your device to run smoothly without any errors.

Acer is a multinational electronics and hardware  company that has its headquarters in Taiwan. The company is known to produce a wide range of products that includes laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, virtual reality devices and many more.

If you are having an issue with any of the Acer’s products then you can make a call at Acer support. The helptech line professionals have the required skills and knowledge to resolve your queries and issues in just a matter of few minutes. In fact, they will help you get the best technical support.

Acer support is available to help you with acer product issues round the clock, throughout the year. They acer help and support team strives to provide top-notch solutions by answering your phone calls without any delay. They offer expertise and advice to offer you the best possible solution to any problem faced in your Acer products.

These professionals the required experience and skills to solve your problem in no time. They make sure to get into the depth of the problem and immediately take action to resolve it.

The technical support team  has a huge customer base in the US, Canada, UK, Newzealand and Australia. And is known to deliver a comprehensive technical support related to any acer product related problems and errors. Moreover, acer support  offers you a reliable and comprehensive technical support that is much needed while having a problem in device.

Acer Support FAQs

How can I factory reset my Acer tablet?

A factory reset option is performed when you completely want to delete your data from the device. You can perform factory reset by software menus.

How do I reset Windows if I do not remember my password?

You can reset your password by signing in on another system using your email i.d. If are not using an email i.d to log in then you can follow these steps:

  • Click the power icon that appears on the login screen in the bottom right side.
  • Press the shift key while clicking on the restart option.
  • Now, select troubleshoot.
  • Click on reset PC.
  • Now, select on remove everything option.
  • Your system will start rebooting now. Select, just remove files option.
  • Click on the reset option and it is done.

This process will delete the entire data from your system. Also, make sure the power of the system is turned while performing these steps.

Why do I get “no bootable device” error while turning on my system?

Sometimes you might get an error message “no bootable device” while turning on your system. This happens because your system is unable to detect hard drive or any other bootable drive that helps in loading the operating system. To resolve this issue it is always good.

The above-mentioned queries are some of the most frequently asked questions or simply some of the most common problems faced by the customers. If you have any other issues or if you are unable to resolve the problem with acer products that feel free to contact acer support.