FandangoNOW Customer Service

FandangoNOW Customer Service

FandangoNOW Customer Service Many customers have faced problems with Fandango services. This guide will provide you a way for you to call the fandango customer service number so that their customer support can help you.

FandangoNOW Customer Service Fandango Now started in the year 2016. It’s a part of Fandango, which provides its customers on-demand, tv streaming, video movie and downloading services to everyone. Customers can read company reviews.

FandangoNOW Customer Service They can see Rotten Tomatoes scores, they can watch trailers, and can purchase movie tickets or a Fandango gift card in minutes online or through the Fandango app. No subscription is needed and customers can watch what they want and when they want.

FandangoNOW Customer Service | The good things in Fandango

• You need No subscription
• You get Perks and rewards
• You can Rent or purchase

FandangoNOW Customer Service | No need for Subscriptions

FandangoNOW Customer Service Customers will get Fandango Now streaming movie & TV service with no subscription. Customers can watch whatever they want and whenever they want. Users can also buy a Fandango gift card which may be used for movie tickets or streaming services.

Huge Movie and TV Library

There are over 6,500 movies and TV show available to watch through Fandango Now. Some movies have bonus content, which might include the director’s commentary. Some are fresh out of theatres and few are cheaper to stream. It won’t let you purchase movies on DVD and Blu-ray. The streaming service of fandango is very simple to use with smart TVs or Fandango app.

Rent or Own

Customers have the option of renting and purchasing movies and TV episodes by using Fandango Now.
Reward Points

FandangoNOW Customer Service With Fandango VIP service, Fandango Now allows the customers to earn reward points. This happens when you rent, buy movies and TV episodes. Members can get movie tickets to theatres, credit to stream on Fandango Now with the mobile app, or Fan Shop movie gear.

Fandango Now has many great features for its new services. Customers do not pay a monthly subscription; their rental & purchase prices are reasonable & consistent with industry. Besides, Fandango Now’s selection of movies and TV episodes is extremely large for how new their services are. Customers have a option to choose from more than 6,500 movies and TV shows.

The Bad things about Fandango
• No unlimited streaming options
• Not as many device options
• No parental controls

No Unlimited Streaming

As Fandango Now do not offer a subscription-based streaming TV package, customers have to rent or buy every movie or TV episode they want to watch. They don’t have unlimited access to a large library like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Not as Many Streaming Device Options

Fandango Now doesn’t stream on as many devices as some of its competitors. They don’t support the Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation or PlayStation Vue, etc. Fandango Now does run on all web browsers and as a mobile app, but not many streaming devices.

Ultraviolet Account

Customers have to create an Ultraviolet account and link it with their Fandango Now account to access and watch movies from the cloud.

No Parental Controls

Fandango Now does not have parental controls for its customers to use for movie and TV purchases and rentals. Overall, Fandango Now has a few drawbacks customers should be aware of before they start purchasing and renting movies and TV episodes. The main concern is that Fandango Now is not available on a large variety of streaming devices. If you stream movies and TV through an Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation you are out of luck for now.

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