How to Fix HP Service Error 79?

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HP printers are simply amazing when it comes to meeting top print quality and offering outstanding features. However, many HP printer users experience HP-service error 79 while using these printers. Most of the time the error occurs when the given print job is corrupted. 

This can happen due to multiple reasons however, most of the common reasons are when there is misreading between the print spooler and the HP printer which primarily happens when you do not update the firmware. 

In this blog, we will help you understand about Service error 79 HP and how you can fix it. If these steps are not able to resolve 79 service errors for HP printers then you must get in touch with the HP Support

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What is Service Error 79 on HP Printers?

Errors can be very frustrating to resolve however not when you know what is causing the error. Similarly, HP service error 79 on Hp printers is something that most of the HP printer service error 79 users come across. The error occurs when the printing jobs you send or inappropriate or corrupted. Usually, the error occurs because of two reasons:

  • The error 79 switches off and then on.
  • Error 79 service error switches off and then on which means the DMIM is incompatible.

Why 79 Service Error Occurs?

Several causes are responsible for HP service error 79. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Poor or Loose Wire Connections

  •  Make sure to check the wires and the cables that connect the printer and the computer. If you find out any damaged or loose wire connections then you will have to replace it immediately to fix the error.

Outdated/Corrupted Printer Drivers

  •  If you notice a yellow color sign next to your printer’s driver then it represents outdated or corrupted printer drivers.

Damaged Hardware | HP Service Error 79

  •  Check all the hardware and make sure they are working properly.

Weak or Poor Network | HP Service Error 79

  •  If the HP service error 79 appears when you try to print something then this means the error is due to weak wi-fi signal or poor network.

How to Fix 79 Service Error for HP Printers?

HP service error 79 is easy to fix. However, you need to follow a few troubleshooting solutions.

Call Toll-Free Numbers For Support

US: +1-855-554-1912

UK: +44-20-3375-8816

AUS: +61-2-4072-0594

Turn Off the HP Printer

  • To resolve 79 service error for HP printers you need to turn off the printer first. 
  • Then, wait for at least 30-40 seconds.
  • Now, turn on the printer.
  • Wait for the initialization of the printer until it starts.
  • Now, see if the error is fixed.

Reinstall the DIMM | HP Service Error 79

Once you turn off/on the printer but the 79-service error for the HP printer is not resolved then the next thing that you need to reinstall the DMIM.

  • Remove the DIMM.
  • If you want to make sure that the DMIM is proper, then reinstall it.
  • Turn on the HP printer.

If the error is still not fixed then

  • You need to remove any kind of DIMM that is installed.
  • Now, run a print test to confirm the HP printer does not have any error.
  • If the printer is working properly then make reinstall the DIMM.

Internet Connection | HP Service Error 79

Internet connection is another reason why your printer is showing HP-service error 79. Here is what you can do to fix this error.

  • Turn off the HP printer.
  • Remove all of the print jobs that have been given from different computers.
  • Verify the domain name and the model number.
  • Sign in the account and then remove it from the network.

If these steps are not able to resolve 79 service errors for HP printers then you must get in touch with the HP Support technicians for help and further assistance.