Hotstar Not Working

Hotstar Not Working Hotstar is an Indian streaming service that launched in the year 2015. Hotstar is available on the website as well as on the mobile platform like Android and iOS. Hotstar has created its market in India so early and it has become a name since 2015.

Hotstar Not Working You can access tv, movies, sports, news and premium section. In the premium section, you can watch the latest Hollywood movies and shows. If Hotstar is not working then just follow the following steps-

Hotstar Not Working | For Android and iPhone issue-

• Hotstar Not Working Hotstar App is stuck with the loading screen- If your Hotstar app is stuck on the loading screen, then you should check the internet connection. This thing usually happens due to the poor internet connection and poor connection speed. The best solution is you connect with the stable and high-speed Wi-Fi and 4g connection.

• Hotstar Not Working Update the App- Generally, the Hotstar app does not work if you do not update the app. Just visit google play store to download the app for your Android device and simply go to the apple app store to download the latest version of the Hotstar app for your Apple device. You can download it on smartphones and tablets.

Hotstar Not Working on Android and iPhone

• Hotstar Not Working App Cache Data Clearance- Make sure you clear the Hotstar app cache data if hotstar is not working. For this, go to settings>apps>Hotstar. Now find the storage option and click the “clear cache” and “clear data”. This will remove previously stored data & it will start the app as a new client so this may solve the issue.

• Reinstalling the hotstar app- if nothing is working for you then, try uninstalling the hotstar app. Go to settings>app management>apps>installed apps>uninstall

• Error in chrome- some people have also observed this error in their google chrome browser, for them, they need to follow the below steps-

1. Try changing your browser, try using different browsers like opera, Mozilla Firefox
2. Go to settings in google chrome
3. Go to “show advanced settings”
4. Scroll and Search for a Network, under which you can click on ‘Change Proxy Settings‘.
5. Click LAN Settings.

If you still are confused about why hotstar is not working on your Android and iPhone device, then another option you can think upon is technical help. It is a name which is working in the industry for so many years. You can take their services and use it for saving your time. There are many moments when you know you don’t have time or knowledge to run a defective device.

In this situation, you can visit  technicians who will do everything to make your defective device go smooth. It will properly check the network speed, stability and reliability of your system and will assist you accordingly.

They are ready to help you whenever you need a team of trustful technicians. They have a good reputation in the market.

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