How to reset echo dot

How to Reset Echo Dot

If you want know how to reset echo dot then reset your old or new echo dot device, simply just follow the guide. It’s the easiest one for those who are looking for a genuine solution to the internet. There are many reasons why you can use the echo dot speakers. The echo dot is made for any room, you can place it in the bedroom or the kitchen. 

With your echo dot, you can voice control of your music and smart home. You can call anyone hands-free with the help of your echo dot. Having enjoyed all the features of echo dot, you need to reset the echo dot somewhere in time. Let’s describe you the ways to reset the echo dot for 3 different generations.

There are three important generations of echo dots and you must know them and know the procedure to reset all of them to do your reset work. Let’s know the program to get the process of resetting all the types of echo dots.

  1. Way to Reset the Echo Dot 3rd Generation 

Third generation of echo dot is what you need to reset? Then with this guide, you can easily do that. As you know that with the latest generation device, you can use the device in all rooms and your device will voice control your music. Voice control your music with echo dot in an easy way.

Alexa is getting smarter day by day, the more you use echo dots third generation, the more it adapts your speech patterns, vocabulary and personal desires. You can connect echo dot easily and update will occur easily.

With amazon echo dot third generation, you can call anyone easily with your voice and with the hands-free approach. Alexa app is used on platforms like android, iOS, fire OS and desktop browsers. It’s easy to setup and manage your echo dot.

  • To Reset Echo Dot Third Generation-To reset your Echo device, press and hold the Action button for 25 seconds.
  1. Way to Reset the Echo Dot 2nd Generation 

How to Reset Echo DotIf you want to reset echo dot second generation, you can get the right procedure to do that in this blog. Echo dot can provide you limited preview of amazon prime music on your echo device, voice shopping on millions of products and free shipping on your voice orders at no added cost.

  • To Reset an Echo Dot 2nd Generation-To reset your Echo device, press and hold the Microphoneoff and Volume down buttons at the same time. Just wait until the light ring turns into orange color for about 20 seconds.
  1. Way to Reset the Echo Dot 1st Generation 

Amazon echo dot can do anything that can be done with basic echo dots. You can plug the echo dot inside your speakers or connect the echo dot with the help of Bluetooth. If you are not able to do so, echo can do same as the little speakers can do as well. You may use them in a silent environment as well.

 To Reset Echo Dot First Generation-

To reset your Echo device, use a paper clip (or similar tool) to press and hold the Reset button. Simply wait for the light ring to turn off and on again.

Don’t forget to call at the toll-free support number of echo dot technicians for getting solution how to reset echo dot.

How to Reset Echo Dot

Amazon offers highly affordable Echo Dot speakers that offer top-quality features. If your Echo Dot is not working properly or is simply unresponsive then you need to know how to Reset Echo Dot. However, the reset process depends on which generation Echo Dot you are using. The good thing about the Echo Dot is that it can be reset and that will permanently delete the data in your Echo Dot. 

In this blog, we will help you in resetting the Echo Dot so that you can reset the Echo Dot on your own.

How to Reset Echo Dot step by stepAs mentioned earlier, to resetting Echo Dot you need to consider the generation. Here is a brief description of the reset.

  • To reset first-generation Echo Dot, you can use a paper clip to press and hold the reset button. This step will turn off the light ring and then it will turn on.
  • To reset second-generation Echo Dot, you need to press and hold the Microphone off while also pressing the volume down button simultaneously. You need to wait until the light ring is orange in color. This shall take around 20-30 seconds. 

Now, let us discuss in detail about the steps for how to reset Echo Dot.

  • The first step is to press and hold the reset button. This shall turn the light ring to orange first and then to blue. Also, note that the reset button is different on first- and second-generation Echo Dot.
  • For second-generation Echo Dot, you need to hold the Microphone off button and then press the volume down button simultaneously.
  • Now, the light ring will turn off and on again. Once the light ring turns orange it will turn the device into setup mode. If you want to use the device then you will have to connect it with the wi-fi and the Amazon Account.

Connect the Echo Dot with Amazon Account

Once you reset the Echo Dot, it is ready to be sold. However, if you want to use it again then you need to connect the Echo with the Amazon account. Follow these steps for more information on the same.

  • Go to the Alexa app on the device. Now, sign in the app by entering the email address and the correct password for the Amazon Account.
  • Then go to the top left side and select the option icon.
  • Then choose Alexa devices option available. Now, you will see the list of Alexa devices and another option to add the devices.
  • Then select add Alexa devices here.
  • Now, press and hold the action button in the Echo Dot. Wait until the light of the ring is orange. Now, you will see a list of Wi-fi network options available. 
  • Then, select the wi-fi network you want to connect.
  • Now, select the connect option on the Alexa app. This shall connect your Echo Dot and you can use it now.

How to Reset Amazon Echo DotThese are some of the most basic steps that you can follow to reset Echo Dot. However, make sure to check which generation Echo Dot you are resetting. If you are unable to reset the Amazon Echo Dot or are unable to connect it to the wi-fi network. Then get help from the experts. You can get in touch for support

How to reset Echo dot quick resetting guide 2019. If your echo device is not responding you can read this article where you know how to reset echo dot. You can either give your echo device to someone else or reset it. The basic thing you can do is reset echo dot.

Check the problem is solved or not. You can restart your device unplug the power adapter from the back of the device or wall outlet. Now plug the power adapter back in. this the start process.


Echo Dot- What is the Amazon Echo Dot exactly?

You are aware of the smart echo dot speaker, maybe from commercial or at any store but why you want to buy this little guy? Let us tell you what amazon echo dot Reset does in detail. This question may pop up in any one’s mind.

How to Reset Echo Dot step by stepWhat Echo Dot do or not do?

How to reset echo dot 2019 solution -Everyone is familiar with the famous amazon echo speaker all thanks to Amazon major shopping ventures on web and TV. In short, the Echo is a smart assistant powered by Alexa that lets you order items from Amazon, play music, ask questions, set timers, look up recipes, control your smart home — and more. Oh, it’s also a pretty high-quality speaker system for your tunes, to answer those questions, etc.

Reset Echo dot does all the jobs which echo speaker do but echo is not the better speaker than echo dot. Many tiny speakers are not good enough when it comes to the audio part.


Features of Echo Dot

  • Rich Sound: Most popular voice control speaker echo dot comes with fabric design and improved speaker for a rich and loud sound.
  • Voice controls your music: Stream music from Amazon Prime Music, iTunes, and Spotify – just ask for a song, artist, or genre.
  • Bigger, Better Sound: You can pair your echo dot with second echo dot and it provides you the rich and stereo sound. You can fill your home with music with compatible echo devices over different rooms.
  • Alexa is ready to help you, ask her to play music, answer questions, check the weather, set alarms, read the news, control smart home devices and more. How to reset Echo Dot is designed around your privacy. Press the mic off button for disconnecting the microphones.
  • Connect with others: Call or message to anyone who has the Alexa app or Echo device with simply hands-free. Use Alexa to make Skype calls.
  • Use another speaker: Connect to your speakers over Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Alexa has skills: Alexa always gets smarter and better with new features and skills like playing games, booking cabs and more.
  • Voice controls your smart home: Control lights, plugs and more with compatible connected devices.

Echo Support

Steps of Reset Echo Dot?

The echo dot has three models. One is the first generation model as the echo dot first-generation another one is echo dot 2nd generation and echo dot 3rd generation. Echo support will tell you about every model’s reset procedure of How to reset Echo dot to you. Let’s get closer to this:

  • Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

For resetting your echo device, press and hold the action button for twenty-five seconds.

  • Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

For reset your echo device – Amazon, press & hold the mic off & volume down buttons at the same time. Wait till the light ring goes orange.

  • Echo Dot (1st Generation)

For resetting your echo device, use a paper clip to press & hold the reset button. Wait for a light ring to turn off & on again.

How to Reset Echo DotWhat is a Factory Reset? What does a Factory Reset do?

How to Reset Echo dot – The factory reset is a built-in feature that is given by most device makers that use software to automatically erase the information stored on the internal memory of the device. This is known as a factory reset because the process returns the device to form it was originally when it left the factory.

This reset all device settings as well as the applications & stored memory and its typically done to fix major operating system issues and other errors. You can simply do this when you don’t know how to reset the echo dot.

If we were to find a good analog, perhaps the best comparison would be in the form of a “drive reformat”. Same way reformatting a drive return to basic, so the factory reset the device to its standard form.

The Benefits of a Factory Reset Echo dot – Amazon

What are the benefits of a factory reset? One benefit is that it’s easy. Simply select the button & erase the device. It’s hard sometimes because you need to select the setting in every step.

Additionally, factory reset Echo dot can be done remotely. Every device with the enterprise layer includes some form of remote wiping that can be triggered either as a matter of policy or directly, i.e. meeting certain conditions (like a lost device). This means a lost or stolen item containing data in local storage is no longer a danger.

How do I reset my Echo Device? - Echo & Alexa - Devices - Amazon

How to Reset Echo DotThe factory reset comes in play regarding data management. In other systems than echo dot, when a device begins to have issues, many troubleshooting steps may need to be taken and how to manage the data is even more difficult. On a device with a factory reset, it’s as simple as a quick backup and erases – completely easy.

Still not clear about how you can reset your echo dot? Then you can simply call us by visiting our website Echo Support. we are available 24 hours and 7 days for your service and we will pick you to call for your welfare. Simply tell us about your device issue and let us diagnose that for you. Call us today!

We hope you are finding it easy to solve your reset issue of echo dot. Don’t forget to comment down and tell us about the blog. We would love to read your comments. Echo Support has years of experience in different gadgets like echo dot, apple TV, fire stick, Roku and more. Don’t forget to visit us in any case

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