How to Update Kindle Fire

How to Update Kindle Fire-Doing the kindle fire update is absolutely significant, as it can give crucial system upgrades quickly. The periodic updates can receive the latest security patches and feature updates

The quick Wi-Fi update is the method of choice for most users to know how to update kindle fire because it’s fast and simple. Before you start, connect your Kindle Fire to a Wi-Fi connection and either plug it into a power outlet or start the process when the device is positively charged. Open your tablet’s Settings and tap Sync Device.

At this point, any applicable software update can be downloaded in the background. The update is implemented after the download is done and your kindle fire is asleep.

  • Ensure that your Kindle fire battery is thoroughly charged and thus tap the Quick Settings icon followed by more > Device.
  • Click on the option that says “update your kindle” for starting the update process. If this option is crapped out, thus you then have the most recent update installed or the initial file transfer from your computer was unsuccessful.
  • Your kindle tablet will reboot twice to finish the update.

Follow the things to update kindle fire

Do you know how to update kindle fire-Kindle fire update is very natural to look at. It is necessary for you to regularly update your Kindle Fire update because it can enhance strength and include security aspects. If you are attached to a Wi-Fi system, you are fixed to renew your Kindle Fire.

There is a hundred percent requirement of kindle fire update if you want to use the services of kindle and you should know how to update kindle fire. This is a mandatory step you need to take when using a Kindle device. this update will install and download automatically when your kindle is charging and connected Wi-Fi network. If it does not then you may need to install the update manually for using the software features.

Kindle E-Readers that Require Updates 

The following devices need not update the software and these devices are any kindle e-reader model (7th Generation & newer) or fire tablets (any generation). If your software version is higher than the version listed below the device names, you may not need kindle fire update the device. Kindle e-reader devices that require the latest software version are mentioned below.

To install this update, your Kindle needs to be connected with Wi-Fi for download purposes. Kindle fire update problems will exist if you use the device with a 3G network.

  • Kindle (4th Generation)

Software version your device needs-4.1.3 or higher

Press menu button & select settings from home option. You can see the current software version at the bottom of the screen

  • Kindle (5th Generation)

Software version your device needs-4.1.3 or higher

Go home>press menu button>select settings. You can find the current software version at the bottom of the screen

Software version your device needs- or higher

Go home>tap menu button>tap settings. Now again click the menu icon and click device info.

  • Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation)

Software version your device needs- or higher

Go home>tap menu button>tap settings. Now again click the menu icon and click device info.

These are the steps which help to know How to Update Kindle Fire.

Download a Software Update Wirelessly to Remove Update Kindle Fire Problems

For getting the latest software version of kindle e-reader over the Wi-Fi network:

  • Charge your kindle by plugging in during the update. This will avoid future issues of battery down
  • Connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi.
  • Sync your Kindle. Tap the Quick Actions icon, and then tap Sync My Kindle for Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation). For all other Kindle e-reader models, select or tap the Menu button, and then select Sync and Check for Items.
  • Keep your kindle connected with Wi-Fi and power until the update is complete.

Your Kindle may restart various times & you may see “Your Kindle is Updating” on the screen. When the update is complete, your Kindle will restart automatically & you can have the access to kindle services on your device.

If you do not receive the latest software update via Wi-Fi, you will need to transfer and install the software update manually and remove Update Kindle Fire issue.

In this situation, you can call us at kindle support to know how to update kindle fire. We are the best tech support team in the united states and we are helping clients from all over the world. Don’t forget to take the device support of kindle from us and call us.

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