HP Printer Troubleshooting Ink Cartridge

HP Printer Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge

HP Printer Troubleshooting Ink Cartridge We will help you out in hp printer troubleshooting for ink cartridge. The printer does not print, and the status lights blink. One of the following errors messages might display on the printer control panel:

·   Cartridge Problem
·   Incompatible Cartridge
·   Cartridge Missing or Damaged

The errors, including the incompatible cartridge, can occur with genuine HP ink cartridges under different circumstances. The ink cartridge might need to be reinstalled. The electrical contacts could be dirty. Ink cartridges may need to align or there could be printer failure or ink cartridge failure.
Steps for HP Printer Troubleshooting in Ink Cartridge

Step1- Use the Genuine HP Ink Cartridge


Your installed ink cartridges must be compatible with your printer and they should be unmodified and genuine HP ink cartridges. You can always buy the replacement cartridges and other supplies from local retailers or HP store. If you are using the genuine HP ink Cartridges and printer does not display ink cartridge error, you don’t need to continue troubleshooting.

Step 2- Check the Ink Cartridges
You may see an error message when the ink cartridge is not in contact with the electricity. There must be a power to it.
1.   Press the power button to turn the printer on if it’s off.

2.   Open the ink cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage is idle and silent.

3.   Press down lightly on the end of the ink cartridge to release it.

3.   Slide the ink cartridge out of its slot.

5.   Remove the protective tape from the contacts, if necessary.

6.    Reinsert the ink cartridge.
The tricolor ink cartridge goes into the left carriage slot.
Black ink cartridge goes in the right carriage slot.
7.   Close the ink cartridge access door.

8.   Try to print again.

If this resolved the issue, you do not need a hp printer troubleshooting ink cartridge process.

Step number 3- Clean the Ink Cartridge

If the ink cartridge is dirty, the printer may display an ink cartridge error.
1.   Gather the following items to clean the ink cartridge and carriage:
·     Clean distilled water. Use bottled or filtered water if distilled water is not available. Tap water can be un distilled which can damage the ink cartridge.
·     Clean the cotton swab which will not stick to the ink cartridge.
·     Sheets of paper or a paper towel to rest the ink cartridge on during cleaning.

2.   Open the ink cartridge access door and wait until the carriage is idle and silent.

3.   Disconnect the power cord from printers back.

4.    Remove the ink cartridge and place it on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up. Never leave the ink cartridges outside the printer for more than thirty minutes. If the ink cartridge is outside of the printer for too long, ink can dry & clog the nozzle.

5.   Dip a clean foam-rubber swab or lint-free cloth into distilled water, and then squeeze any excess water from it.

6.   Clean only the copper-colored contacts

7.   Repeat these steps for the other ink cartridge.

8.   Lightly moisten another cotton swab with distilled water, and then squeeze any excess water from the swab.

9.   Use the swab to clean the electrical contacts in the carriage, located inside the printer on the carriage slots.

10. Wait 10 minutes to allow the ink cartridge and carriage electrical contacts to dry.

11. Reinstall the ink cartridges.

12. Close the ink cartridge access door.

13. Reconnect the power cord to the back of the printer.

14. Press the Power button to turn on the printer.

15. Try to print a page.

16. If you are still unable to print, repeat these steps to clean and reseat the ink cartridges. Multiple cleanings might be necessary to restore printing.

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