Kindle Fire Headphone Jack not Working

Kindle fire headphone jack not working ? Are they not working? This is the right guide for you to resolve this type of error. There are times when there will be no audio which will hear from your headphones or speakers.

Many users have reported this problem and they have reported that the audio is a problem with a headphone jack. It getting trouble in the kindle fire HD or HDX and we will tell you the potential solutions which can help you out in error removal.

Potential Solutions when Kindle Fire Headphone Jack Not Working:

  • Keep your volume on by tapping the volume up button. Its located at the side of your Kindle tablet. You can also check by using the settings option. Go to settings>display and sounds.
  • In case, your speakers are not working, try to plug in a set of headphones and then unplug them again. Or you can do soft reboot your tablet by turning it off and on.
  • If your kindle fire headphone jack is not working properly, try to remove the case (which is on your device) and try the headphones again.
  • Jiggle your headphone jack gently and see whether it produces audio or not.

Other Solution you May Try

Make sure the headphones you are using are plugged in. The headphones being partially plugged in can cause low sound quality or no sound at all.

If the same issue persists, try using a different set of headphones as they might be faulty. If audio issues continue with functional headphones and they are plugged in fully, then the headphone jack might be faulty. In this situation, the headphone jack should be replaced.

            Solution if your Kindle Fire Headphone Jack is not Working

Are you in the situation where your kindle headphone jack is not working? Problems with the headphone jack on kindle are not as uncommon as you may think. 

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