Kindle Fire Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi

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Kindle fire keeps on dropping WiFi.  By now that it depends on WiFi for connecting to the internet. It also restricts you from making an internet connection with your mobile and any other means. So, in kindle fire tablet you have no option than to depend on your WiFi for internet usage.

In the recent year’s users have faced challenges in using WiFi in their kindle fires. They are constantly raising queries that their Kindle is not connecting to the wireless network. They worked on every solution but nothing went in their favors and they found out to be unable to fix the issue.

Are you fed up with the kindle fire WiFi connectivity? And is your kindle not connecting to the home network? Do you always get an “authentication failure” message in return every time you try to connect your kindle to the home network? Here are the

Few tricks you can use to fix the Kindle WiFi issue:


Restart Device:

Switch off your kindle fire tablet by holding the power button for about five to six seconds. After sometime switch it on & try to connect.

Reset Router:

If restarting is not the answer for you then try resetting the router instead. Change the IP address of the router from DHCP to static IP address. Simply do this by turning your router off & clearing all the DHCP records on your internet router.

Restore Factory Settings:

It found that all the technical issues that arise in mobiles and tablets can be fixed by restoring your device factory settings. So, you should try the same with your kindle fire tablet. Various people have been able to successfully connect their Kindle to the internet after restoring factory settings. This step is common when kindle fire keeps dropping WiFi.

Update New Kindle Fire Software:

Amazon recently launched a new software version for kindle fire, so if you have not updated your kindle fire tablet, its time you do it to fix your WiFi issue. Update your operating system manually from the manage kindle device option within your kindle settings.

Call A Reliable Amazon Kindle Support Provider:

Call the expert technical support team of HelpTechLine if you are looking for a perfect solution to your problem. If things do not work for you and your WiFi issue is not solved. It is the best way to get technical support online.

We are the team that has a name in the region of the united states and we provide affordable quality service in terms of support. Our services include the diagnosing of the setup process, troubleshooting, problem-solving and error handling. We are available 24 hours and 7 days and it’s easy to call us at our toll-free number.

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