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Kindle fire keeps losing WiFi connection then you might fail to read your favorite book or play your favorite music or videos. It’s known to be a device error and its common issue for all the kindle users.

If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network on the fire tablet, you should follow these steps. Help for kindle fire HD, kindle fire HDX 7-inch 3rd generation and kindle HDX 8.9-inch 3rd generation.

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • Devices that are in your home can connect to your network.
  • Make sure the airplane mode is off. Swipe down from the top of the screen & tap wireless for checking purposes. If airplane mode is on, then tap off to enable the wireless connectivity.
  • Know your Wi-Fi password. If you don’t know your WiFi password, you may take the help of our technical experts or your internet service providers or your router manufacturer.
  • Use the latest version of software on your device. you can install the latest software version wirelessly if you can connect to a stable network. This will help when your kindle fire keeps on losing the Wi-Fi connection. You may download & transfer the software update to your device via USB.

Kindle Fire Keeps Losing WiFi Connection | Then:

  • Restart your Wi-Fi connection on your device. swipe down from the top of screen & tap wireless, & tap Wi-Fi. Now tap on-off, which is next to Wi-Fi. After you turn off your Wi-Fi connection, tap on to turn it again.
  • Restart your device. press & hold the power button for forty seconds or until the device restarts automatically. If your device restarts automatically after forty seconds, release the power button. If the device is not automatically restarting after forty seconds, press the power button to turn it on.
  • Move closer to the router. From your device, check if you can connect to a Wi-Fi network. If your network does not appear on the list, scan from the Wi-Fi menu. If you still do not see your preferred network, you can add it manually to your device.
  • Use channel 1-11. Check your wireless router is set to use a Wi-Fi channel from 1-11. You can take the help of your internet service provider if they have provided you wireless router.
  • Restart your modem and router. Unplug your router and modem and wait for thirty seconds & plug the modem in. After the modem is turned on, plug your router in & wait for it to turn on.

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