Roku Error Code 005

Roku Error Code 005

Roku error code 005 can cause if your Roku Streaming Device is Unable to Update Software. Roku streaming devices are designed to run the latest version of the software. Your Roku will check if there is some new update available or not. This will happen in the initial setup of your Roku.

Generally, when the device is powered on or after 24 hours. The download will happen automatically without interruption of your Roku use. You have the option of manually software update checkup on Roku

What if Error Exist on Software Update?

For performing the software update, your Roku should have great internet connectivity. If the connection is unreliable, your Roku may not able to update the latest software. Should this happen, you will see an on-screen error message such as the one below.

At the bottom of the message, you will see one of the following error codes: 001, 002, 003, or 005.

What Should I do to Update the Software Successfully?

There may be a case that your Roku service may be temporarily unresponsive. If a Roku error code 005 is encountered during an attempt to update the software, wait a few minutes and try again.

If Roku has suffered an electricity breakage, an alert will be displayed near the top of the Roku support site. If you see an alert here, try again when the outage is over.

If you see no alerts & you see the error message after multiple attempts, update failure may happen because of the network connectivity issue. Try the steps below to help resolve the problem.

  • Have you connected your Roku to the right network? Selecting the wrong wireless network name can make your wireless connection to fail. But if you are not sure that your Roku is connected to the right network, take help from our technical experts related to your network name and password.
  • Review that your router is working or not. Use your mobile device or computer to connect to the router & access the internet. If you can connect to the internet on other devices, go to the next step.
  • Check if you have a strong wireless signal or not. If you find that your password is right and other devices can access the router but software update continues to fail, the main problem could be of wireless signal strength. The farther the Roku is from a router, the weaker the signal. There must not be obstacles in between your Roku and router. Improve your wireless signal by using this point.
  • Restart your Roku and router by doing the following:
  1. For restarting your Roku, go to settings>system>system restart. Unplug Roku from a power source and plug it back in.
  1. To restart your router, check the instructions from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or router vendor. A router can be restarted by plug and unplug; in some cases, you can press the reset button on the device. Restarting may take a few minutes.
  • In the case when you previously connected to the router, your Roku will reconnect automatically. If it’s not, then set up Roku again.

HelpTechLine Way for Resolving Roku Error Code 005

You can call us for your error resolving. Just visit our website and call us our technical support phone number and we are happy to help you with any error issue. Be it a Roku device issue or setup issue, we are always there for our customers. Call us today for quick assistance.

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