Roku Support

How to activate the Roku 

Roku is a pretty straight forward device. To setup your new Roku support follow these steps.

  1. Pluggin the device to electricity and connect it to the HDMI port on your Television.
  2. Use the remote to select the correct input on your television till you get the Roku screen.
  3. Put the batteries in the roku remote.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Goto and enter the activation code to create your account
  6. Fix Roku Error Code 014.40 Now.

Problems you might face while setting up the roku.

  1. Unable to pair the Roku remote:Roku has two different kind of remotes, IR and WifiDirect. Depending on the model you bought the steps to troubleshoot them are different. While the IR is generally a case of weak batteries, the Wifi based remote might not work due to interference from all the other devices in your home. Its best to call Roku Support to sort this issue out.
  2. Unable to connect to Wifi:Wifi was supposed to make our lives easy by getting rid of all the cables. But it just came to us with its share of problems. While the roku generally works with any kind of wifi, it may give you issues if your router is not setup properly. Call Support to get the wifi tuned up and the connection strength improved if you face any issues like errors. On a lighter note, Roku or any media device will not work with a mobile hotspot and thus will always give you an error.
  3. Activating the Roku: To acivate the roku device simply go to and enter your link code